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Inazuma Eleven GO! | Neo Fortune . . . イナズマ イレブン GO! |ネオ幸運

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N E O F O R T U N EFrom — “Let’s say… a girl knows how to tick the outstanding Victor Blade off.”– It became the sad life story of an awfully cheerful, warm and kind football-loving girl.

Aimee quits the team she used to play with as a child.

The new substitute defender of Shinsei Inazuma Japan also quits that team after being subjected to long arduous chain of doubts — confusions relating to her true personality and her past relationships with her elder brother, Axel. These never-giving-up disturbances get the better of her back that day when a particular Raimon ace-striker returns in her life.
He’s now a fellow teammate in Shinsei Inazuma Japan, but not as in the cover Aimee had expected to see him in, long back in time.
  Victor refuses to recognize this young girl from his past but after repeated appeals from his elder brother, Vladimir, he finally resolves to talking with this cheery soccer-lover when she’s finally… gone!
Now, with the World International Soccer Tournament (Session ) 201F approaching, will Aimee be coming back to her team or it will be a total different — change in sides? And if it really happens, will Aimee be caring anymore to inform her old friends the reason behind her this decision. 
Victor doesn’t understand what’s wrong with this girl. But, moreover, he doesn’t understand what is wrong with HIM! Why, for God’s sake, this all is troubling him so much — the ‘outstanding’ Victor Blade?
  Wait! who called him that way…? 
And the W I S T 201F has finally arrived! In the distant West, in USA, the love for football has been overcome by the shame and ignominy of losing, and an ultimate yet futile craving for victory. 
A new captain has been appointed for a new team in order to bring soccer back in the country. The least they can do is to win this Tournament . . . . 

With new powers, and newer challenges…
Who WILL be the first W I S T champions of the world?


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