A complete world of Neo Fortune and KyouEmi FanArts, AMVs, Trailers and much more!!

Search through this Gallery to peek at some most original works of Inazuma Eleven GO! | Neo Fortune!!


P.S: A special blog on each of them (especially the AMVs) would be created soon! (………. or later. XD)

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II. [Wattpad | OP] Inazuma Eleven GO! | Neo Fortune . . . イナズマ イレブン GO! |ネオ幸運


III. [Wattpad | Special AMV] I Hate You, I Love You [Tsurugi X Emi | Inazuma Eleven GO! | Neo Fortune]


IV. [Wattpad | TRACK] E N D S – W A Y S – M E A N S | Tsurugi Kyousuke (CV: Takashi Ohara) | Inazuma Eleven GO! Neo Fortune

V. [WATTPAD | TRACK] ☆ S T A Y – A L I V E  ☆ |Gouenji Kimiko a.k.a. Emi (cv: Rie Takahashi) | Inazuma Eleven GO! Neo Fortune

VI. [Wattpad | Special AMV] Fallen Angel | Inazuma Eleven GO! | Neo Fortune!



… That’s all until now! New AMVs and FanArt coming soon!! ~ Isha Das | エイミー